As promised I will be concluding all of the open blog series I have running and in order to move foward, never backwards, the time have come to close down the Invincible-series.

We sometimes make decisions without
thinking about the consequences

I have made a lot of decisions throughout the years where I didn’t realise the consequences they should bring. Both good and bad. As long as the consequences only hurt myslef it haven’t mattered that much to me, but when other people have been hurt by them I’ve regreted them with all of my heart. Sometimes there have been occassions when I’ve been fully aware of what my decisions would cause but I’ve made them anyway. Those are easier to live with even if they have been bad for some people. In those cases the decisions have been necessary and throuroughly assessed by myself. As is the case in the decision I’ve been hinting about in my Writings on the wall-series. I have dwelled over that decision for quite some time now and have (most likely) come to a decision where the action is not worth the consequence, but more about that in that other series in the concluding blogs about that. For now I just say that this insight, even though I want it the other way around to be honest, has made me realize that I’m not all mighty. The thought of not being with her makes me vulnerable. I like thinking about her but now I feel a need to distance myself instead. Remove her from my day-to-day life. Create space between her and myself. And this has caused me to feel invincible no more…

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